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Asian Healing Arts
Sports Massage

Chronic Conditions

Do you suffer from a condition or symptoms that just won"t go away. Insomnia, back pain, stress, headaches, heart disease, fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions? Massage can help...

General Wellness

Optimal health is more than treating illnesses as they occur. It is the constant struggle to balance our lives while taking control of our health and well being. Massage is an important key to any effective wellness plan. More...

Postural Distortions

Poor posture, stress, accidents, and injuries are a few of the factors that effect our body over time. Postural distortions occur when the body compensates for these muscular changes and often results in pain and limited motion. Massage therapy can restore proper function and alleivate pain. more...

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Injury Care

Prevention/Pre-Injury. Nagging, sore muscles that just won't release. Give them some attention before they become worse. More...

Acute/Chronic Injury. Tear a muscle, sprain an ankle, or dealing with reoccurring injury that just wont go away? See which chronic/acute injuries we can treat.

Surgery/Alternative to Surgery. Surgery your only option? Think again. Massage can make drastic changes to your body and remove the need for surgery completely. Find out more...

Recovery/Post-Surgery. From the metabolic waste build up post workout to the build up of scar tissue following surgery, get the most from your recovery.

Performance Enhancement

Improve your range of motion and muscle flexibility to gain improved power, performance and so much


Certified... Breath. Relax. Release.

Charger's Chair Massage

See me in action at the next Charger home game. You'll find me on the club level relieving tailgater's game day stress.

Our Location

We are located in Suite C at the North County Soccer Park. Stop by and make an appointment today. Click here for map and more location information. >>